Ron and Georgi

ron & georgi
We are cat lovers from Singapore. Our three cats—Max, Monty and Harriet—were rescued as stray kittens from our old neighbourhood in Eastern Singapore. From hungry, flea-ridden and skinny kittens, they are now living the luxurious life of home cats. In this website, we share our journey and experience in caring for our three cats and also the stray cats that we have fostered.
Max: Rescued with his brother Monty, on 30 March 2014. Like most ginger males, Max is a happy-go-lucky cat who is friendly with other cats. He loves treats and sleeping on the bed. A good big brother to Harriet, he grooms and plays with her.
Monty: The alpha cat in the household who loves hanging out on the highest perch. With his white fur and blue eyes, he's a stunner. Monty has food allergies and sensitive eyes which require regular cleaning. But that does not stop Monty from enjoying life and his treats!
Harriet: The baby of the family, Harriet was rescued with her two siblings and mother cat at two days old on 4 April 2015. Harriet is independent and usually found sleeping in the sunniest spots in the house. She loves to play with ping pong balls and wand toys. Extremely vocal, she kneads her humans every night before sleeping.